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Fusion Radiology – A Teleradiology Company

Fusion Radiology are a teleradiology company.  We aim to provide the highest standard of radiology reporting via an optimal technical solution, providing you with a bespoke service that meets your unique reporting requirements.

We understand the challenges radiology departments face: increasing scan volumes, too few radiologists to report the scans, and increased waiting times.  We offer additional reporting capacity, assisting you with your workload and reducing the time from scan to diagnosis to report.

Our image transfer platform reduces the workload of your administrative team and IT team.  We connect directly to your PACS and RIS, automating image transmission and report transfer with minimal human intervention.  This maximises efficiency and minimises your cost and time investment.

Patient care is paramount.  All of our reports are undertaken by FRCR radiologists who report from within the UK.  We audit 10% of all studies, decreasing clinical risk, ensuring transparency, and monitoring our radiologists performance.

We adapt our solution to your specific operational and technical needs, integrating with your systems, adopting your workflows, and synchronising with your methods, making the teleradiology process as seamless as possible.

You ask, we report.  We pride ourselves on being able to report a broad spectrum of specialist scans across various modalities as well as large volumes of simple X-rays.  We can report the studies that you are having difficulty reporting internally.

If you would like to know more, please check out our website.

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